MovieClips Catalogues Quotes From Thousands Of Movies

If you're trying to remember a certain quote from a movie and coming up empty, whether for conversation or presentation purposes, MovieClips can help you find that quote—like the one about the monkey in Paraguay.

MovieClips catalogs 12,000 clips from thousands of movies. You can search by movie, actor, mood, character, theme, setting, and props used. Each subcategory gets fairly specific, you'll find "egg", "cake", and "armour" in the props cateogory for instance, but they also have featured items—currently bombs and guitars are getting the feature treatment in the prop category.

Check out the video below to see MovieClips in action:

Each clip is up to two minutes long. MovieClips has permission from the respective movie studios to share the clips, so you don't need to fear their disappearing if you need to come back. You don't need an account to use MovieClips but if you want to review clips with mature content or be able to save favourite clips for later review you'll need a free account.

If you find a favourite clip on MovieClips, throw a link into the comments here to share it. Have another favourite tool for movies or tv shows? We want to hear about that too.

MovieClips [via TechCrunch]


    hopefully Google will soon add this website to it's list of video websites to include in searches.

    it only works in the US or canada, not oz.

    Too bad it is only available for US and Canada residents.... god dammit!

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