Most Popular Travel Posts Of 2009

Luggage2009 Between our weekly Road Worrier column and other gadget and organisation tips, Lifehacker's worked hard all year to make travelling more productive and more enjoyable. Here's the most popular advice we offered in 2009.

Hand Luggage Only: The Big Lessons Learned

Given that it ran for the whole of May, it's no surprise that posts from Lifehacker's Hand Luggage Only (HLO) project dominate this list, and that the very top slot is taken by the major conclusions I drew from trying to spend a whole month working while flying to every Australian state with just a single bag. The most important consideration remains laundry, but good 3G connectivity isn't very far behind.

The Master Packing List For Compact Travellers

The core of the HLO project was fitting everything essential into a single bag, and this is what I deemed essential for the journey. I'm still using a similar model for travel these days, though I'm more likely to pull the laptop out and carry it in a separate shoulder bag (which you can get away with on Qantas, but not so easily on the other domestic airlines).

The Lifehacker 3G Broadband Directory, 2009 Edition

3G broadband has proven more popular than ever in 2009, but picking through the plans to find the one that suits you best takes some effort. That's where the broadband directory comes in (though with recent changes on the market, the 2010 edition may not be that far off).

Why I Didn't Buy A Mac

That might not sound like a travel headline, but the overriding reason I haven't purchased a Mac was that, compared to the Windows alternatives, I simply couldn't get one that was small enough to regularly take on the road.

How I Cleaned 1328 Emails Out Of My Inbox In An Hour

Again, that might not have the ring of a travel yarn, but the cleanout process in question took place on a train, where I had no connectivity whatsoever. Often, pulling the cord (real or virtual) is the best way to get through a tedious but necessary task like sorting through email.

Four Airlines In One Day: The Lessons Learned

One month one, the biggest surprise from Lifehacker's attempt to fly all four major domestic airlines in a single day is that all the flights were on time. On the other hand, you wouldn't want to rely on anyone's barcode readers actually functioning properly at check-in.

Complete List Of A380 Flights

The A380 is a very comfortable flight experience even in economy, but it's still pretty hard to guarantee you'll get a flight on one. This list should help out, though there's no accounting for last-minute aircraft switches.

Top 10 Downloads For A Road Warrior Laptop

While there's a growing school of forget-the-laptop-take-the-smartphone users, for most of us the notebook PC is the single most important thing to pack for a trip. Make it more useful with this selection of tips.

HLO Day 29: See Inside The Bag

Back in HLO territory, sometimes a picture — in this case of everything that fitted in the bag — is worth a thousand words.

Hand Luggage Only: The Small Lessons Learned

And for #10 in our list, we're back to the smaller lessons I picked up in my month on the road. Of these, I really can't emphasise one enough: pack a sink plug.

Lifehacker Australia editor Angus Kidman doesn't see any less kilometres on the clock in 2010. His Road Worrier column, looking at technology and organising tips for travellers, appears each week on Lifehacker.


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