Most Popular Free Mac Downloads Of 2009

Most Popular Free Mac Downloads Of 2009

Nothing beats finding just the right application to fill a common need, fix a problem or boost your productivity. Give yourself an early Christmas present with 15 of the most popular Mac downloads of 2009.

Like last year’s most popular Mac downloads, this list is based on the popularity of apps we’ve covered in 2009, regardless of the original release date of the app. Many were brand new this year, while others were solid updates to popular software. If you took a look at yesterday’s Most Popular Free Windows Downloads of 2009, a few of the cross-platform favourites may look familiar. (I’ve rounded up the most popular cross-platform downloads at the bottom of the post.)

Snow Leopard: The Feisty Kitty That Could

as big a dealprepping your Mac for Snow Leopardbiggest improvementsupgradinghow to install Snow Leopard on your Hackintosh PC, no hacking requiredwhether or not you were upgrading from Leopard

2009 Was Still a Year of the Jailbreak

hasn’t gotten any better at opening up the app storePwnageToolQuickPwnRead more >>

Magnifique Customises Your OS X Theme

The release of Snow Leopard didn’t do all that much to change Leopard’s spots, but Magnifique certainly does. This free skinning app is full of user-generated Leopard-customising goodies.

doubleTwist May Be the Coolest Universal Media Manager Ever

People fed up with iTunes’ restrictive stance on non-Apple devices (see Apple and Palm’s dance, for example) were very interested in doubleTwist, a universal media manager that automatically converts files to the appropriate formats and seamlessly syncs them to your PSP, Android device, BlackBerry and more.

Google Quick Search Like Quicksilver from Google

Quicksilver’s grim futureQuick Search Box

Pollux Automatically Cleans and Tags Your iTunes Library


Picasa for Mac Beta Released, First Look

After years of Windows-only support, Google released the first Mac version of Picasa at the beginning of the year, and it didn’t take long before the majority of our Mac readers preferred it to iPhoto. You go, Google.

Quicksilver Releases Update, Improves Performance


Glims Turns Safari into a Browser Worth Using


Popular Cross-Platform Apps:

Google Chrome — Dev Releases and Beta At Last

Google Chromejust over a year oldback in Aprillast weekpower user’s guide to Google Chrome

Namebench Helps You Find the Fastest DNS Server for Your Computer

announced a free DNS servicenamebenchDNS Name Server Benchmark

Google Earth 5.0 Released, Looks Incredible

We’re sort of junkies for maps and 3D, so when Google Earth 5 was released, we were pleased as punch. The update featured historical imagery, ocean map, and improved world touring capabilities. Maybe we just like saving ourselves some dough in these tough economic times with a little Google Earth sightseeing.

And Then There Was Firefox

Firefoxbig Firefox 3.5 release1234

Thunderbird 3 Officially Released with New Features, Improved Look


HandBrake Updates to 0.9.4 with Over 1000 Changes, 64-Bit Support


Got a favourite Mac download from 2009 that you’d add to your list of favourites? Let’s hear about it in the comments. If you’re craving still more popular Mac downloads, you can also take a look back at the most popular free Mac downloads of 2008.


  • Major warning on Magnifique for Snow Leopard users. According to their forums, you could kill your SL installation by firing up Magnifique. An update is on the way, but no timing on the release as yet.

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