Mnemonics Compilation Site Helps Facts Stick To Your Brain

Mnemonics great memory-boosters when your learning requires rote memorisation, like the bones of the skeletal system or the planets. Next time you need a study aid, check out this compilation of mnemonics on topics that range from physics to religion.

You may already know a few mnemonics without really thinking of them as that. For instance, " Righty, tighty, lefty loosey" is a common way to remember which way to remove or tighten a screw, and ROY G. BIV helps you recall the colours of the rainbow. This guide has plenty of familiar mnemonics, plus obscure ones that will help you tell camels apart or remind you what James Bond films starred Sean Connery.

What are your favourite mnemonics for remembering things? Share them in the comments.

Mnemonics Guide


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