Microsoft Security Essentials Ranks As Best Free Antivirus App

Microsoft Security Essentials Ranks As Best Free Antivirus App

Anti-malware testing group not only gave Microsoft Security Essentials a top rating for malware removal, but now they’ve given it their best ranking in their performance test as well. ran a series of real-world tests running through common scenarios like downloading, extracting, copying and encoding files, installing and launching applications, and they also ran through an automated testing suite as well. Once the dust had settled, it became clear that not only is MSE one of only three products that both blocks and removes malware well, but it’s also very light on system resources.

Out of all the products tested, Microsoft Security Essentials was the best-performing free antivirus solution, and one of only two that received “very fast” on each of the real-world tests, earning it their top award: an “advanced+” ranking. We’ve been telling you for a while that you don’t need to pay for Windows security, and now with MSE ranked alongside the top paid apps in both malware removal and performance, you might want to consider making the switch.

Hit the AV-Comparatives link for the full report in PDF form, or check out the PC Mag story for the overview — if you can deal with some irritating in-text ads.

Performance Tests [AV-Comparatives]
AV-Comparatives Rates Anti-Malware Performance [PC Mag via @edbott]


  • Hmmm – not sure where the “light on system resources” comes from. I installed it on an XP desktop and it consumed three times the memory ofmy current AVG when running in the background. No scans or updates were happening. I then uninstalled and will stick with AVG.

    • AVG etc probably makes sense for using with a nine year old operating system such as tired old XP. MS designed MSE for today’s modern computing world and to tightly integrate with it’s modern OS’s such as Win7, and also Vista. Which it does brilliantly.

      I installed MSE on my Vista boxes, and now my Win7 machines and to be honest you never even notice it’s there. My main desktop is 3.5 years old Core2Duo 1.8GHZ, 2MB RAM, recently updated to Win 7 and yeah… as I said MSE just does it’s thing quitley and neatly and stays out of the way. Win for MS 🙂

      I’m glad that they didn’t waste any time optimising MSE for XP. Time to drag yourselves forward to the modern computing world. OR… if you need to stay with XP running on native hardware for some awful reason… You have plenty of third party alternatives.

  • Can happily post that a manager here in our company had some virus troubles, our Symantec “Enterprise” edition didn’t do jack, i tried MSE and voila, PC fixed and up and running again, its awesome, use it on my 2 home machines and recommend it.

  • Installing Security Suite Essentials made my Vista Home Premium (32) Blue Screen.

    After re-starting it then froze time after time.

    Only way to fix it was to uninstall Security Suite Essentials completely.

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