Microsoft Says Security Updates Haven't Caused Black Screen

Earlier today, we reported on a patch designed to eliminate the "black screen of death" bug being experienced by some Windows users following recent updates. However, Microsoft says that its most recent batch of updates didn't make the changes claimed by Prevx, which released the unofficial patch.

In a post on its security response center blog, Microsoft says that whatever the cause of the problems, it isn't the most recent batch of updates:

We’ve conducted a comprehensive review of the November Security Updates, the Windows Malicious Software Removal Tool, and the non-security updates we released through Windows Update in November. That investigation has shown that none of these updates make any changes to the permissions in the registry. Thus, we don’t believe the updates are related to the “black screen” behavior described in these reports.

What to do? If you have experienced the black screen bug, then the Prevx patch might still be worth trying. If you haven't, then it's probably best avoided. Keeping your system patched is one of the most basic principles of good security, so skipping the latest updates isn't wise.

Reports of Issues with November Security Updates


    PrevX have also now admitted that it wasn't the security updates that caused it.

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