Memorista Uses Memory Aids To Teach Foreign Languages

Memorista Uses Memory Aids To Teach Foreign Languages

Some folks swear by flashcards to learn a foreign language, while others rely on memory aids and mnemonics. Language education web site Memorista gives you both in one package.

Memorista currently offers learning tools for 5 languages—French, German, Italian, Polish and Spanish. Choose from several flashcard packs for each language, like People, Basic Expressions, or Food and Drink. Each word or phrase is presented in flashcard format, and accompanied by a mnemonic to help you associate the words. When you think you’ve mastered a category, Memorista tests you to check your progress.

The site isn’t designed to teach you the intricacies of a foreign language or give you the fluency of an international translator. Instead, it’s a clever way travellers, tourists, and budding linguists can learn key phrases and basic vocabulary.

Have you ever tackled learning a foreign language as an adult? What tricks helped the vocabulary stick in your head? Let us know in the comments.



  • If you want more than a few phrases for a particular language, you could learn Esperanto for free on the internet. It takes about 12 hours to learn and then about a hundred hours of practice to fluency. The language doesn’t equip you to speak to shopkeepers in any country but does equip you to talk fluently and freely with a community of other people who like to travel somewhere different each time, in almost any country you choose. (And they can talk to the shopkeepers for you- you get a better deal that way anyway!)It’s a nice way to travel and your new friends (there are networks to join) show you the insiders view of the culture in a way that you wouldn’t normally get.If you decide to learn another language later, it is much quicker because of what you already know about languages and language learning.

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