Mapkats Helps Track Parking Patrols On Your iPhone

Mapkats Helps Track Parking Patrols On Your iPhone
MapkatsPicIf you routinely park in locations with time-limited parking (a situation which isn’t at all uncommon amongst some staff members at Lifehacker Towers), then news of an approaching parking officer is cause for a mass panic and much moving of vehicles. Mapkats aims to help alert you of impending parking doom via the iPhone.

The concept is simple enough: if you spot a parking officer, you tag their location (via Google Maps) using the app. Other people in the area can then be alerted of impending fines and act accordingly, whether that means moving the car or topping up the parking meter. How effective this is, of course, relies on the efficiency and honesty of contributors, but in parking-challenged areas, it’s not hard to imagine it being taken up with some alacrity.

Mapkats is free for iPhone users. If you give it a try, let us know how it works in the comments.

Mapkats Parking Patrol Alerts [iTunes Store]


  • The point of time limited parking is to share the limited resources around. The parking inspectors are there to ensure that everyone gets a fair go and people don’t hog parking spaces at the expense of others who might want to park. This application is really encouraging people to break the law and reinforces the mistaken idea that it is only breaking the law if you get caught.
    Maybe we could have an application that tracked the patrols of all police so that burglars and bank robbers would have an idea of the best time to commit their crimes.
    Maybe those at Lifehacker Towers should catch public transport or pay for all day parking instead of breaking the law and encouraging others to do the same.

    • No, sorry AJ your wrong, wrong and wrong.

      1. The point of many limited parking areas is to raise revenue by moving people along and getting the next fee payer into the parking spot.

      2. Using this application is not breaking the law it is breaking council by-laws which is a different thing entirely (hence the lack of police being involved). LH is not encouraging others to break the law.

      3. Maybe we could have an application that plotted where police officers were except I highly doubt many people would use it thus rendering it useless. You know, people are much more likely to cooperate in plotting the positions of enforcement officers *when the “offense” is a harmless one and isn’t breaking any laws*

      4. Please, please calm down as your sounding like an hysterical lunatic gabbling on about “down the slippery slope” and behaving as though trying to avoid parking fines will lead to the downfall of society generally LMAO…

  • Parking in the CBD sucks, I’ve no idea why anyone would want to park there all day. Unless people like paying lots of money to the council, those people would like parking in the city 🙂

    It’s about time Sydney city council, woke up and looked at other large cities in the world (not just in Australia) and took notice. Bangkok has an excellent skytrain system, which would be quick to build on Sydney roads with minimal disruption.

    Four or five lane roads into the CBD, lets face it, they copied Los Angeles! Very 80’s 🙂

    The app is a good idea to reduce council revenue, hopefully they will consider a better transport system than LA.

  • so it seems this app is dead, not many reports… what’s going on? I’ve noticed there’s also another app called ParkWatch which does it much better with push notifications (free also)

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