Make Your Own Moisturising Lip Balm

If you're prone to getting dry lips, you don't have to tough it out. Whip together a batch of soothing lip balm right in your kitchen to pamper your pucker.

Since fancy lip moisturisers cost a pretty penny, it's easy to assume they're tough or expensive to make. Not true. All you need is some olive oil or cocoa butter, a few edible flavouring oils — peppermint or vanilla are nice — and some beeswax as a thickening base. Environmental blogger Lisa Tae-Ran Schroeder explains how to easily mix it all together with tools you probably already have in your kitchen:

I just measured out equal parts of the beeswax and the oils into my Pyrex cup, which I put into a pot of water slowly heated up. I mixed my waxes as they melted and after they were done, I removed the Pyrex from the heated water, added the essential oil (this is a natural preservative), and poured the mixture into the lip balm tubes.

If you don't have any old lip balm tubes laying around, you could always use an old breath mint tin or tiny food storage container (the kind made to hold a single serving of salad dressing in your lunch bag), and dip out what you need with your finger.

How do you deal with dry lips? Share your tips in the comments.

Make Your Own Lip Balm WIth Natural Ingredients [In The Fray]


    Thanks for this! Ive been trying to get rid of chemicals in my body products and this is just an added bonus as I use lipbalm every day :)

      I make mine from just olive oil (extra virgin cold pressed of course) and bees wax in a roughly 3:1 ratio respectively, so a touch softer than the recipe above but works a treat.

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