MacBook Migrant On Hold

MacBook Migrant On Hold
MacBookImageLifehacker’s MacBook Migrant experiment has barely gotten started, but unfortunately it turns out the MacBook I’m using has a defective AirPort wireless card, which pretty much renders it useless for the purposes of the exercise. I’m hoping that Apple will arrange a replacement machine, but it’s unlikely that will happen in time for the schedule next week.


  • Haha that is possibly the worst start to a tech test ever. Hopefully you get the replacement soon. Eager to see how you find using a Mac differs from PC. I know my preferred choice but it’s always interesting to hear others views.

  • Oh dear that is a shame.

    I thought apple products… never mind.

    Look forward to the #macbookmigrant starting up again in the new year (presumably) as I would be interested to hear how it goes from your perspective.

    • So you would replace a defective part on a brand new laptop with a spare part you scrounged off some random dude?

      Although this perfect possible with macs too, personally, i would want a replacement or a fix from the manufacturer after I’d bought a new computer!

  • I too am interested in seeing the initial changes that have to be made. I’m looking at starting uni next year, and as I don’t play many games, OS X looks like a potential OS to be using. Just have to decide between a Mac or a Hackintosh based on price vs ease.

    • The purpose of the Macbook Migrant stuff was to identify issues that anyone making a Windows–>Mac shift should be aware of. Problems with defective hardware are (I’m presuming) atypical and hence rather outside that scope, though I may write about the troubleshooting process at some point. And because I’d organised the machine through Apple, rather than buying one, the process involved in getting a replacement doesn’t really have relevance for readers, I think.

      • ” Angus Kidman
        December 12, 2009 at 1:32 PM

        The purpose of the Macbook Migrant stuff was to identify issues that anyone making a Windows–>Mac shift should be aware of. Problems with defective hardware are (I’m presuming) atypical ”

        Surely anyone jumping into the Apple pool has to deal with hardware as well as software issues. Possible they are MORE relevant in the case of Apple PC’s because they are the one company who makes it’s OWN hardware. As opposed to the comparison in the migration project, Windows, where it’s an OS running on any countless number of hardware platforms, including Apple PC’s.

        So to ignore Apple hardware issues is not giving potential “switchers” a true representation of The Mac Experience. Apple sells itself as being an integrated hardware/software platform, and should be assessed as such IMO.

        • The issues I’m referring to in the above quote are the procedures and differences users need to be aware of when they switch from one platform to the other in day-to-day use — not necessarily when things go weirdly wrong. If I’d purchased a new Mac _or_ a new Windows machine and the Wi-Fi card didn’t work out of the box, I’d be straight back in the store demanding a replacement machine, and I wouldn’t settle for anything else. Essentially that’s what I’m doing, but no-one is going to benefit from a blow-by-blow description of my dealing with Apple’s internal press staff.

          I’ve said this a few times, but it seems to bear repeating: I’m not doing this to come out with a “Windows is better than Mac” or “Mac is better than Windows” conclusion, or produce a definitive buying guide for Macs, or even work out if I personally want to shift to Mac — that was already clear before I started. The aim is to say “If you’re planning on shifting from Mac to Windows, here’s the stuff that’s different and some ways you can tweak it to make it potentially more approachable.” I couldn’t realise that aim with a machine with bodgy hardware, and it seems unlikely I’ll get a replacement fast enough to realise it before the end of the year given other commitments. But I plan to realise that aim — and _just_ that aim — at some point.

      • have you spoken with anyone at apple about this? i.e. have you specifically been told that this is not an option? my experience of the apple corporate side has been pretty good, and although i don’t work for apple, if you were to ask, maybe they could hook something up with a store manager nearby?

        just trying to offer something useful to the conversation, amidst the cacophony of comedians sitting around slapping their knees.

  • I see the opportunity to pump out some “It just works” jokes…but the truth is, if this was an Asus, Dell, Acer, Tosh…etc etc…no one would have flinched as we are all so used to these just crapping out daily anyway. Its only entertaining when something of higher quality finally has an issue. Like when we all scoff and laugh at a Mercedes broken down on the side of the road.

    • Doesn’t Asus make the most reliable laptops? they offer a two year standard warranty after all.

      The only tech products that have failed on me recently have been apple and dell, and the dell was due to that nice nvidia GPU cracking thing (dell sent a tech to my house to replace the MB free), the apple just failed.

  • My new Macbook arrived with a defective Airport card as well (after 4 hours just stopped working, then after being switched off overnight, worked for another 4h and died again. Contacted the seller (macmall) they sent a courier to pick it up and next day got a new one which has worked perfectly so far.

  • Well, as a windows user who is -this- close to becoming a mac user (looking to purchase a new PC in the next few weeks and an imac is at the top of the list) I look forward to hearing about your experience making the switch. One of my concerns is that the software I am used to using won’t be available for the imac. So it will be good to see what you make of the mac software. Hope you get the replacement part soon, but its the holidays, so good luck with that! My laptop died three days before xmas and even under warranty they cant do anything till the 5th january. 😀

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