MacBook Migrant: Keyboard-Friendly Dialogs

KeyControlsWhile the MacBook Migrant project doesn't start officially until next week, I have been spending time setting up the machine while fielding lots of helpful tips and the occasional nasty comment. Two pieces of reader advice have already proved very useful to me as a keyboard shortcut junkie.

Jon pointed out that Spotlight (the Mac's search app) can be accessed with Cmd-Space. That's something I hopefully would have noticed when reading through Apple's list of keyboard shortcuts, but it definitely sped up all kinds of setup activities.

Less obvious and just as useful was David's suggestion to enable tabbing through dialog boxes by going to System Preferences -> Keyboard -> Keyboard Shortcuts and changing Full Keyboard Access. I've always found not being able to tab through dialogs on Macs odd, so it's good to know it can be changed.


    Make sure to use spacebar instead of the return/enter key to select the appropriate dialog box option. Took me ages as a long time Mac user to discover that!

      So that's how you do it! I've always wondered, but not enough to actually go and ever look it up. Thanks!

    Nice, I never knew about that option with tab, it's always annoyed me having to use the mouse to select a dialog box where I could just tab to it in Windows.

    Get Quicksilver. mmm Quicksilver.

      MMMMMMM quicksilver

    I cannot live without MaxMenus..
    LiteSwitch ain't too bad also!
    OSX 10.6.x compatible

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