Last Week's Best Posts

Sure, we all took time off for the Christmas break, but the posts kept on coming. Kick off your Lifehacker week by making sure you didn't miss any of the biggest posts from last week:

  • Censorship: Don’t Stop Worrying Because Of Christmas
    It’s difficult not to assume that the timing of last week’s Internet censorship announcement was deliberate: who’s going to notice in the run-up to Christmas? But that’s no reason to ignore the issue.
  • XBMC Updates To 9.11 Camelot, Brings Awesome New Look, Improved Features (Windows/Mac/Linux) XBMC is a killer open-source, cross-platform media centre, and today they've released XBMC 9.11, introducing a whole new default look and feel, and it's very friendly on the eyes.
  • What Should I Read Next? Picks Your Next Book
    Odds are good at this end of the year that you’ll get more reading done than usual. But when you’ve devoured that long-awaited tome, what should be next on your list? That’s the issue What Should I Read Next? aims to address.
  • Opera 10.5 Pre-Alpha is All About Speed (And Private Browsing) (Windows/Mac) Opera's developers have released a very unstable but promising version of their web browser into the open. What does Opera 10.5 have to offer? If a quick test is any indication, faster JavaScript speed than any browser out there.
  • Telstra Adds SMS Updates For Twitter
    A fortnight after enabling Facebook updates via SMS, Telstra has rolled out a similar option for Twitter users, making it possible to keep up to date on what the world is doing even if all you can manage is a flaky 2G connection.
  • Songbird 1.4.2 Released, Brings New Look, CD Ripping And Device Support (Windows/Mac/Linux) Previously mentioned Songbird, the open source, Mozilla-powered, supposedly iTunes-killing media player has updated to 1.4.2, bringing a host of new features, including AAC metadata support, a new feather (skin), CD ripping, and support for many mass storage devices.
  • Mapkats Helps Track Parking Patrols On Your iPhone
    If you routinely park in locations with time-limited parking (a situation which isn’t at all uncommon amongst some staff members at Lifehacker Towers), then news of an approaching parking officer is cause for a mass panic and much moving of vehicles. Mapkats aims to help alert you of impending parking doom via the iPhone.
  • LogMeIn Express Makes Screensharing Simple (Windows) LogMeIn Express is a screensharing tool from the makers of the popular remote-desktop software, LogMeIn. With this new offering, sharing your desktop is as simple as sending your friend or associate a URL.
  • Speed Dial Beefs Up Chrome's New Tab Page (Chrome) The oft-imitated New Tab button on Google's Chrome browser isn't bad, but it's not the most customisable either. Soup it up-and access your favourite bookmarked web sites quickly-with Speed Dial.
  • Firefox 3.6 Beta 5 Available, Faster And Less Buggy (Windows/Mac/Linux) If you've been riding the Firefox 3.6 beta train, Mozilla just pushed out the whopping fifth beta of Firefox 3.6-with over a hundred bug fixes to improve performance, stability, and security, along with several all-around improvements.
  • Bodega Is A One-Stop Shop For New Apps For Your Mac (Mac) Trying out new software is fun. Digging around all over the internet to find cool stuff-not so much. Bodega is a download that does makes quick work of finding new apps for your Mac.
  • Get The Classic Network Activity Indicator Back In Windows 7 (Windows 7) If you miss having a network activity icon that actually indicates if your network is active or not, this handy little hack will swap the static Windows 7 icon for the classic version.
  • Googsystray Notifies You Of New Activity Across Google Services In One System Tray App (Windows/Linux) Google has so many different services these days that installing a notification app for each one gets cumbersome quickly. Free system tray utility Googsystray watches Gmail, Calendar, Reader and Wave so you can set it and forget it.
  • Droplr Offers Simple Drag And Drop File Sharing For Mac OS X (Mac) Feeling left out because of all the neat file-sharing applications for Windows? Droplr adds drag and drop support to OS X for sharing just about everything.


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