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You wanted road warrior software, you wanted Google Chrome and you wanted the editor to test a MacBook. Kick off your Lifehacker Monday by making sure you didn't miss any of the biggest posts from last week:

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  • MacBook Migrant: My Week With A Mac
    Whenever I whinge about my PC experience, Lifehacker readers often suggest I should use a Mac instead. Next week, I’m going to give it a try and see just how easy it is to switch from one OS to the other by using a MacBook all week as my main machine. (Unfortunately, the plan went awry.)
  • Top 10 Downloads For A Road Warrior Laptop If you take your laptop to destinations beyond your couch, you expose it to intermittent connectivity, greater risk of theft, always-depleting batteries, and many other variables. Prepare your laptop for productivity on the go with these apps and utilities.
  • Jolicloud Netbook OS Is Like Chrome OS With Awesome Desktop Applications (Windows/Mac/Linux) Chrome OS is a promising cloud-based operating system, but the big complaint most people have about it is that Chrome OS is entirely browser-based. New netbook OS Jolicloud is a lot like Chrome OS, but with the addition of killer desktop apps.
  • Get Next G Data Credit On A $2 SIM
    A prepaid Next G modem is a good way to get go-anywhere access over the holidays, but the rates you get charged are steep. Over at Whirlpool, an ingenious poster has worked out how to take advantage of a current promotion to get cheap data on a $2 SIM.
  • Namebench Helps You Find The Fastest DNS Server For Your Computer Windows/Mac/Linux: Last week Google announced a free DNS service designed to speed up your browsing, but just because Google wants to be fast doesn't actually mean they're the best option for you.
  • Decreased Productivity Helps You Browse At Work Without Getting Busted (Firefox) If your boss is particularly restrictive to non-work browsing while you're on the clock, Firefox extension Decreased Productivity makes web pages you're looking at dull and boring so your boss will be none the wiser.
  • BlackBerry App World Finally Opens In Australia
    Eight months after the rest of the world, BlackBerry App World has finally been made accessible to Australian users, letting BlackBerry owners browse a range of free applications for the popular device.
  • Thunderbird 3 Officially Released With New Features, Improved Look Windows/Mac/Linux: A whopping two years at its second major release, Mozilla's popular desktop email client Thunderbird is now available as the new and improved Thunderbird 3.0, and there's a lot to love in the new Thunderbird.
  • Google Chrome For Mac And Linux Finally Hits Beta; Very Fast, Pretty Stable (Mac/Linux) If you're a Mac or Linux user who's been waiting patiently for Chrome to hit at least a beta release before you felt comfortable kicking the tires on Chrome (or jumping on the bandwagon entirely), today's your lucky day.
  • 10 Extensions Worth Downloading From Google Chrome's Gallery Google's extension gallery for its Chrome browser opened for business this morning. We've taken a look around the offerings-most of them, anyways—and pulled out a few picks that deserve a spot in your formerly pristine browser.
  • Networks Lights Turns Your Keyboard LEDs Into Activity Indicators (Windows) You squeeze every bit of customisation and productivity out of your computer, why let those lazy keyboard LEDs sit idle? Put them to work as network activity indicators.
  • Most Popular How-To Features Of 2009 We cover a lot of tips every day on Lifehacker, but we get our greatest pleasure from putting together in-depth, step-by-step guides. From Windows 7 to Hackintoshes and beyond, here's a look back at our most popular how-to features of '09.
  • WhoCrashed Explains Why Your Windows PC Crashed (Windows) Windows 7's only been out for six weeks, but that doesn't mean you haven't experienced the occasional crash. Previously mentioned utility WhoCrashed has updated with Windows 7 support, giving you detailed information on what exactly caused your computer to go down.
  • The Complete Guide to Avoiding Online Scams Lifehacker readers are a savvy bunch who aren't likely to be taken in by an online scam-but we've all got those friends and relatives we worry about. Here's our definitive guide to helping them stay safe online.
  • Note Taker Turns Your iPhone Into An Endless Notepad (iPhone/iPod touch) VisiCalc creator Dan Bricklin-you know, the guy who invented the spreadsheet-has delved into mobile development and released his first iPhone application, Note Taker. Rather than using the iPhone keyboard, Note Taker lets you write notes with your fingertip.
  • Negotiate Anything By Keeping Three Things in Mind Not everyone likes—or is good at—negotiating to get the best deal on what they want. Finance guru and author Herb Cohen says the process will be a lot easier if you keep three crucial variables in mind.
  • Use Your PSP As A Wi-Fi Scanner (PSP) While having a netbook slightly decreased the hassle of whipping out your laptop to check for wireless nodes, it's still a pain. If you keep your PSP in your gadget bag, put it to work as a Wi-Fi scanner.
  • Five Best Outlining Tools Outlines are useful for more than just recalling painful memories of high-school research papers. This week we're taking a look at the five favourite outlining tools of Lifehacker readers.
  • Repair A Broken Ethernet Plug With Zip Ties We've all been there at some point, you've got a perfectly functional Ethernet cord that somewhere along the line had its tab broken off. Don't buy a new one or re-terminate the cord.


    Hi, always love reading LH (lifehacker). Recently. I went to try Jolicloud OS and ended up turning my old Acer laptop into a Mac. OK I got sidetracked big-time on LH tutorials, but the point is a lot of fun was had. Thanks LH for your commitment to life-hacks this year. They (life-hacks) obviously take a lot of work to prepare, and they're always interesting. ** GOOd WIShes FoR 2010 ***

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