Keep Kitchen Towels At Hand With This No-Slip Hack

If you often find yourself reaching for a tea towel only to find none at hand, this simple hack keeps your towels from wandering out of reach.

Over at they have a crafty solution to the problem of oft-misplaced towels. The secret to keeping your dish towel on duty, and ready to dry your hands with, is a bit of velcro.

Make it into a loop by attaching Velcro strips to two ends, one on the front and one on the back, below. Stitch in place, or use iron-on Velcro strips.

Throw it on your oven door handle and never find yourself grumbling about a lack of towels again. Have your own simple kitchen hack? Let's hear about it in the comments.

No-Slip Dish Towels [via TipNut]


    This is why tea towels are banned from commercial kitchens- eww, drying your hands with the cloth that is supposed to be used to dry your dishes!

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