Is Your Laptop Going On Holiday?

HolidayLaptopA quarter of Australian workers will pack a notebook PC to check work emails when they go on holidays, according to one survey. Are you among their number, or do you have a better solution?

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According to a study of 1,200 workers commissioned by LogMeIn, 27% of people have packed a notebook specifically to check work email while on holiday. In total, 40% of people have checked work email while they're away.

Two things immediately strike me about that headline figure. The first is that it's suspect to suggest someone will take a laptop just to check email — it's likely you'll also use it for work tasks, or perhaps for a little entirely non-work activity. (I don't go anywhere without a notebook PC, leisure trip or not.) The second is that if email really is all you want, a suitably equipped smart phone would do the job just as well and leave more space for your budgie smugglers.

So I'm asking Lifehacker readers where they sit on this spectrum. Do you always travel with a handy notebook (or netbook), or is the total lack of technology one of your favourite things about going on holiday? Share your widsom in the comments. If you fancy some remote access but don't want to pay a fortune for it, check out how to roll your own LogMeIn Pro clone for free.


    Use my iPhone for pretty much everything when out and about, if i ever need to use a Laptop it's usually for really indepth stuff that I really shouldn't be doing while on holidays anyway.

    Only recently started taking EEEPC and 3G broadband card away with me to keep track of funds, shuffle account balances and back up camera photos on to.

    Don't have an iPhone/Blackberry.

    Both my laptop and iPhone will be going with me. I don't have the ability to work outside of my workplace, so it's purely for leisure. But then again, that's what my laptop is for.

    I popped down to the Post Office yesterday and bought a nice little Acer Aspire 1 Pro for about 2/3 the price of what I've seen elswhere. Combine that with the 3 "MiFi" thingy that I had sent to my parents in the UK and I'll be good to go when I get there for Christmas. Oh hang on, *work*, erm, maybe not.

    Yes I'm travelling with my netbook almost everywhere. Use it reading ebooks, surfing, backing up my travel photos to my web host account (just in case if I lost my luggage). It is one of the best sources of travel info such as hotel bookings, tourist attractions, public transport schediles, etc. The only problem is getting mobile net connection outside Australia.

    Wow. If any boss had the temerity to expect me to do anything work-related, like checking email, I'd tell them to fuck right off. What a bunch of wimps Australiamericans have become.

    Am I the only one that when looking at that photo see's petrol can in the back of a car with a laptop and phone think that it is a bomb with a remote trigger?

    Also if your taking a Shovel on holiday, why not take the laptop?

    Whatever the technology I might take on holiday with me, it would NEVER have anything to do with work. You shouldn't even think about work on holidays, and I certainly don't.

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