Is This $29 Printer A Genuine Dell Discount?

WasabiDell's already got something of a position of infamy in the Lifehacker Discount Academy after its router discount turned out to be anything but, so when the company started promoting a photo printer discounted from $219 to $29 yesterday, my suspicions were immediately aroused.

Dell's internal reps assure me, however, that the $29 offer on the Wasabi — a mobile printer designed for quick snaps from phones or digital cameras — is genuine. Presumably that means the product itself was a flop — why else such a big markdown? Nonetheless, could make a nice Christmas present, assuming Dell delivers (it certainly won't have the error excuse this time around if it doesn't).



    Sounds like a great deal, only the printer is pretty much useless without any of the "special paper", which oddly enough, Dell doesn't seem to sell...

    Wallet size photos that print in just under a minute on zinc paper that costs more than standard photo paper... If it flopped i can see why.

    I am much more inclined to believe it is genuine on a printer where the manufacturer makes money from consumables. You can already buy printers for less than $50 at places like Officeworks, so why not Dell?

    Still waiting for Dell to put the money back into my account from the router debacle.

    They claim all the orders were sorted out, but my money has gone out and not come back in.

    They can either give me my money back, or give me 5 routers, they can't have both.

      Mitch, they actually took the money out of your account???

      That makes you entitled to demand the routers in my opinion. By taking money from you there was 'consideration', which means a contract had been formed by that stage, and you're entitled to demand what you asked for.

      They didn't take any money from me so I didn't pursue it any further.

        He would have paid by direct deposit..
        ie "forced" money on them.

    Regardless of some mostly negative reviews, my office is picking up a few as stocking stuffers.

    If the price DOES turn out to be incorrect we'll take it further, the Today Tonight team is only a few feet from my office ;)

    Whats the difference between this printer and the one mentioned in the below site for twice the price?

    After not offering the router the router that I purchased for $21.90, dell won't be getting any of my money EVER AGAIN!

    As far as I am aware, Dell is dead - and hopefully it will come true soon on how it conducts its business.

    As the max paper size is 2x3 inch (~5x7.5 cm) and you have to buy special Z-ink sheets from dell, it's no surprise they couldn't sell these at the RRP of $219.

    Use discount code "4MZR3KTJJRT0VS" to get another 15% off - you can get printer + 96 sheets of paper delivered for about $42.

    Just nailed 15% discount too with Coupon Code!!!$ja=cgid:1215818489|tsid:7753|cid:18973229|lid:11605081|mt:Broad|nw:search|crid:3953366489|bku:1

    Don't suppose anyone's got a shipping confirmation yet have they? I got a printer for the missus, with an extra pack of paper. Worked out to be about $29 after discount code.

    It looks like this one is (slightly more) legit. Mine hasn't been dispatched yet but hopefully shouldn't be too far away.. it's got further than the router did :(

      Got mine today. Now I just have to find a use for it.. maybe a present..

    Whole lot of nothing going on in the dispatch department....

      Mine arrived today. Only awaiting on the other one now.

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