Is Google Real-Time Search Any Good?

Is Google Real-Time Search Any Good?

Google switched on its real-time search feature, which promises up-to-the-minute content from Twitter and news sources, last weekend. But does the search giant actually deliver on its promise?

A post at Google Operating System argues that far from assessing the quality of content for relevance and usefulness, the system currently throws up anything that matches the basic topic. Or as Alex Chitu puts it:

Google forgot to focus on relevancy and started to show irrelevant results from Twitter. Just because someone posts uninteresting messages about a popular topic doesn’t mean that the tweets are suddenly relevant.

My own experience of the real-time feature is that it often doesn’t show up, even on topics you’d think would be highly relevant (such as anything relating to Internet filtering this morning). Google will doubtless be aiming to improve the service over time, but it does seem a little unpolished at the moment.

Have you found real-time search useful, or a waste of your real time? Tell us in the comments.

Google Real-Time Irrelevance [Google Operating System]


  • I had a similar experience. I actively went searching for topics that were getting lots of tweets but couldn’t get them to show in google, even when looking through the search options in the sidebar. Admittedly that was a week ago.

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