How To Plan A 365 Days Photo Project

How To Plan A 365 Days Photo Project

Back in September, Lifehacker reader Daniel asked readers for advice on how to mount a 365 days photo project. Now he’s back with some hints for anyone else considering a similar project for 2010.

Taking and posting a daily photo for a year can be an interesting exercise (and a handy way to improve your photography skills), but sticking with it can be difficult. One useful tip Daniel offers:

A good way to tackle a large project is to break it down into manageable chunks. For me I use a reward system – every 30 days I complete on the project I’m allowed to buy myself a new piece of camera gear. To reinforce this reward system I am not allowed to buy camera gear outside of this scheme with exceptions made for Christmas and my birthday.

Hit the post for the full list of ideas, and share your own thoughts in the comments.

Hints & Tips For Doing A 365 Day Photo Project

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