How To Behave At The Office Christmas Party

OfficeXmasIt's the season of tinsel, good cheer and drunken groping of your colleagues in stairwells. How can you make sure the office Christmas party isn't a career killer?

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ABC News has a roundup of tips for how to behave at office Christmas parties. Many fall into the pretty obvious category — don't get roaring drunk — but there's also a useful reminder that Christmas functions can still help with your ongoing career development:

Thank the boss for putting on the evening, for their support over the previous year and make sure you remember to say goodbye.

What are your best Christmas party success tips? Garland the comments with them.

The office Christmas party: dos and don'ts [ABC News]


    Catherine Deveny (SMH) gives some pretty good pointers on Xmas party procedures here:

    My best tip? Don't go. Shell out $10 or $20 for a bbq and the privilege of making conversation about the weather with your duller colleagues, while watching talentless drunken senior managers showing off with karoke and sexist party games? Why, when you could just take the opportunity to nick off home early instead?

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