Holiday Camera Packing Checklist

CamerasChances are if you're heading away from home over the Christmas break, you'll want to snap a few photos on the way. And if you're planning more serious shots than the ones you can quickly snap on your mobile, you won't want to arrive and realise you've left the spare CF card behind.

Picture by sleenen

Photographer and Photoshop enthusiast Helen Bradley has assembled a list of the 10 items no camera geek should travel without. Some are obvious (spare batteries) and some would not have occurred to me (cooler to put the camera in if the temperature's on the up). One important but often-neglected item is the camera manual: sure, you can Google for stuff, but it's often easier to have the printed document on hand.

Hit the post for the full list, and share your own camera must-haves in the comments. For more photography ideas, check out our most popular photography hacks of 2009.

10 things for your camera bag


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