Hit Skybus At Virgin Blue To Save Time

SkyBusDaunted by the long queue to catch the Skybus at Melbourne Airport? Heading to a different boarding point can make all the difference.

Long queues are probably inevitable over Christmas time with more people travelling, but if you are public-transport minded and landing with Qantas or Jetstar at Melbourne, here's a trick I often use. If the queue at the Skybus booth looks daunting and the bus isn't due for at least 5 minutes (there's a real-time indicator), turn right and head to the Virgin Blue/International stop instead. There might be a lot of people there as well, but that stop always boards first, so your odds of getting a seat will still go up. (That's assuming, of course, that the Virgin Blue end of the airport isn't overflowing with irate passengers.)

Wherever you're flying over Christmas, if you want to save money (and carbon emissions), check our guide to cheap public transport airport transfers.


    Ahh no, did you have to tell everyone about that :)

    Yeah, SHHHHH!!!! and stop paying out on Virgin Blue's computer troubles, still more reliable than the Big Q :)

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