Help Mozilla Design Firefox 4's Home Tab

When you close your eyes, do you see great new browser design concepts? Mozilla would like to borrow your talent for a few moments and ask for your help in designing the look, and purpose, of Firefox 4's "Home" tab.

Mozilla is looking to pull the home button out of the main toolbar and give it its own tab, and make it something more than just a single page to head to. It can't be just a slick-looking page full of iGoogle-like gadgets, or a grid of your most recently visited sites, though — that's specifically what Mozilla doesn't want. In their words:

This is not because we don't think this use case is valuable, but we're much more interested in what a browser start page can do with full access to the browser. An interesting example is something like the about:me extension (Ed. note: check it out here), which shows you trends in your browsing habits. Unlike mainstream portals like Yahoo and MSN, the locally hosted Firefox home tab can potentially offer users an experience that is innately personal, and tailored to each user's incredibly unique personalities and interests.

While we heartily encourage you to register your thoughts at the design challenge site, we're also open to hearing from our armchair conceptual artists about their home tab ideas in the comments.

Announcing the Firefox 4 Design Challenge – The Home Tab [Mozilla Labs via Webmonkey]


    I'd like to see something like what iGoogle offers, possibly making use of the Firefox Start page (like Firefox's own iGoogle page for Firefox Start). Firefox could launch a new "gadget" page on the Add-ons site for gadgets to go on the home page. I'm sure it would be a great success too with a developer based already established.

    Firefox Home needs to be called. . .

    Fox Hole.

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