Has Your University Made iView Free?

Has Your University Made iView Free?
iViewPauseBack in October, academic Internet provider AARNet added itself to the list of providers who don’t meter access to the ABC’s iView service, but whether that actually made the service freely accessible depended on each university’s policy. Has your uni come to the party?

Lifehacker was reminded of this issue when reader Matthew M wrote in to say the University of Queensland has begun rolling out quota-free services to all staff and students, including iView along with a bunch of other handy content (the most notable Microsoft, which would help with all the endless patching).

So we’re wondering: are students next year all going to be consuming bandwidth watching The Colbert Report on ABC2, or are some campuses dragging their feet? Tell us what’s happening at your university in the comments.


  • My Uni streams about 20 tv channels (All of the Australian digital stations) and a few overseas one.

    We can watch it whenever we want through VLC Player.

    But I don’t think my uni has ABC iView unmetered. MSN is however.

  • My uni (CSU) charges for all aarnet “on net” and “off net” traffic, even though the uni isn’t charged per GB by aarnet for on net traffic. aarnet simply charges the uni’s about $5 per GB last time i heard a rumour.

    as a result iView attracts a charge, like all other aarnet on net traffic such as the http mirrors.

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