Google Year-End Countdown Easter Egg

Just found out about a neat little Google search box Easter Egg for the New Year: Click on the "I'm Feeling Lucky" button with nothing in the search box to see a live countdown of seconds left in 2009.

What they should have done is linked the seconds number to a "seconds in days" calculator search to let people know what it is. Time marches on… Thanks, Nom de Guerre!

Google Year-End Countdown Easter Egg [Smarterware]


    Is that how many seconds in AEDST, GMT, or what?

    And seems to only work at not any of the regional sites like .au

      It works in .au local site.

      I worked it out and it was equal to GMT +10 or AEST.

      It might display the correct number for their time.

        Wolfdog is correct about the countdown being affected by your region. If you want to play around with the countdown, try changing your time zone and also the time on your computer clock.

        After making time zone changes, you have to reload/refresh Google and click "I'm feeling lucky" again but the clock changes will show immediately you click "Apply" or "OK."

        Have fun! We did. :D

    I had been trying to work out what the countdown was for. Thanks!

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