Google Fade-In Homepage Now Permanent

GoogleFade The fade-in home page which Google experimented with a couple of months back is now a permanent feature of the site.

When you hit Google, all you'll see is the logo, the recently enlarged search box and the search and 'I'm Feeling Lucky' buttons. (An earlier attempt to ditch those buttons didn't go down well with testers.) If you move your mouse, links to other Google services appear on the screen.

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    As far as I can tell the homepage hasn't had the update.

      Has on my machine -- Google updates do tend to take a while to propagate though.

    I haven't the slightest clue as to what this actually achieves....

    I noticed it, then read my feeds and see that its been updated. I noticed on Firefox, and then tried Chrome, it worked. Then I tried Internet Explorer, and it didnt.

    Seems to be here for me.
    Little bit annoying really.

    Doesn't work.

    I really like it, it doesn't do much in terms of performance but, it makes an already clean interface ever cleaner. For those not seeing it you have to go to at time of writing not the .au version.

    Its a stupid thing to do.

    here's the best and EASIEST way to get rid of it (for Firefox users):

    install the Stylish extension:

    and then install this style script:

    goodbye forever Google Fade, i wish we could say it's been nice :P

    I can't stand it.

    It is a pityGoogle didn't tell us this is what they had done. I just spent a while morning on line with the Apple Techies, wiped out all my customisations etc and only now found out that it is a deliberate change in Google, not my Mac that was playing up. Thoroughly frustrated, anry and wish they didn't waste my time with a useless artefact. The only reason one would open Google is to use the links so why the delay?

    Just link to the Google Advanced Search page instead. The Google Advanced Search page doesn’t have the fade in feature (yet).

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