Get The Classic Network Activity Indicator Back In Windows 7

Windows 7: If you miss having a network activity icon that actually indicates if your network is active or not, this handy little hack will swap the static Windows 7 icon for the classic version.

When we shared an app that turned your keyboard lights into network indicators, many of you wondered what the point was - Windows has a network indicator in the system tray. In Windows 7, however, the indicator is static. The classic little two-computer icon that blinks to indicate network activity is missing from Windows 7, replaced by an icon that simply indicates if the computer is or is not connected to a network.

The solution is a tiny application called, appropriately enough, Network Activity Indicator for Windows 7. Download the application and park your standard Windows 7 network indicator in the hidden portion of your system tray, placing the icon for the Network Activity Indicator in the appropriate place in the system tray. If you'd like step by step instructions with pictures on how to do this, check out the via-link below to see the tutorial at The How-To Geek.

Once you've performed the swap, you'll have the old network activity indicator back and its familiar blinking screens. Network Activity Indicator for Windows 7 is freeware, Windows only. Have a little app that makes life easier? Let's hear about it in the comments.

Network Activity Indicator for Windows 7 [via HowToGeek]


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