Get Next G Data Credit On A $2 SIM

Get Next G Data Credit On A $2 SIM

A prepaid Next G modem is a good way to get go-anywhere access over the holidays, but the rates you get charged are steep. Over at Whirlpool, an ingenious poster has worked out how to take advantage of a current promotion to get cheap data on a $2 SIM.

Essentially, the approach is this: pick up a $2 Next G SIM from a convenience store, and ring Telstra to activate it as a data connection. Telstra is currently offering 1GB of free data on new prepaid Next G modems, but you can also activate a SIM (by phone) and get the same deal.

No doubt Telstra will clamp down on the arrangement eventually, but numerous Whirlpool posters have made it work (using both Next G and other modems), so it may be worth a try if you’re looking for some casual Christmas connectivity. Thanks Dan!

Telstra WBB – 1GB intro offer $2 simcard [Whirlpool]


  • I imagine this will work fine using a HSDPA (3G) phone, inserting the sim, setting it up to use the 3G network for internet connectivity, then connecting to your computer.

    For example, with my K800i (with K810i firmware), I would turn on USB Internet in the Settings > Connectivity section of the phone. Plug it in to my laptop (running Ubuntu 8.10) via a USB, and voila! Internet!

    Note that I haven’t actually tested this, but since the phone is acting as a modem, it should be no different than a 3G dongle.

  • Telstra NextG is using different frequency band. So , I guess, it would not be working with my GSM/UMTS (2100 MHz) USB dongle (Huawei H169) and phone (Samsumg Z510).

    Does it work with GPRS also?

  • As an ex-telstrashop worker, Telstra’s official line is that this wont work, but it should work. I’d be going for one of the newer prepaid dongles though (they weren’t locked a few months ago when I worked there).

    Using a phone as modem should work as well, but they can be a pain in the proverbial to set up.

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