From The Tips Box: Earrings And Wine, Gmail Tagging

Readers offer their best tips for knowing which wine glass is yours, tagging Gmail messages without labels, and reusing note paper around the house.

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Use Hoop Earrings as Wine Charms

Photo by itchys.

Lisa Hoover shares her wine charm tip:

Saw the tip on cell phone charms as wine glass charms and it made me think of my own trick. I use old hoop earrings—the kind that latch fully closed to form a circle, not the semi-circle kind—to ID wine glasses. Really, any old single earrings you've lost the mate to will work, as long as they fully close.

Tag Messages in Gmail for Quick Searching

Michael whips up a quick and dirty method for tagging Gmail messages:

I came up with a really dumb way for tagging conversations in Gmail.

I basically add a message (could be self addressed) to the conversation with "tag" or another magic word such as "mytag", followed by all the tags. It's not perfect, but when you want to easily find a few conversations that got separated, and a label would be overkill, this does the trick.

You can read Michael's original blog post here. It's not exactly what we'd call tagging, but the basic idea is there—by dropping keywords into your email, you know you'll be able to find it again with a quick search. Unfortunately that doesn't come with any snazzy search operators, though.

Keep Scrap Paper for Note Taking

frozenjuice tells us how he keeps paper waste to a minimum:

I cut up any paper I don't need anymore (e.g. old printouts, etc) into small boxes around the house so I never have to worry about finding a piece of scrap paper to jot down notes when on the computer or on the phone. Saves time and wasting whole sheets of paper on something you're just going to toss anyway.


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