Free Meals For IKEA Buyers This Week

FoodIKEAWe feature a lot of IKEA hacks around here, and if you've been contemplating one of them, here's an extra incentive: this week, IKEA is refunding the cost of a meal for anyone who spends in the store.

Between December 14 and 18 (note: doesn't include the weekend), you can deduct the cost of a meal you eat in store from whatever you end up buying. Indeed, it looks like you could actually get a small item from the Market Hall for free if eating was your main goal:

If the purchase amount is less than the value of the restaurant receipt, then the maximum purchase amount is the discount.

Mmm, meatballs . . .

IKEA [via OzBargain]


    They giving food stamps away?

    Damn, how poor are the people that shop there?

    Did it today - unintentionally. Took my daughter there for lunch (schools I'm a parent I wish schoool was at least 50 weeks of the year...) and got a very sizeable discount of my purchase!

    Thanks Life Hacker, it was very tasty indeed. Nice to eat for free. (However we bought a sofa so had to get home delivery.)

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