Foxtel Releases Full iPhone Guide App

Foxtel Releases Full iPhone Guide App
Foxtel made its broadcasts accessible to iPhone owners (for a fee) back in October, but inspired a lot of complaints because iPhone users couldn’t remotely program the iQ using their favourite phone. Now Foxtel has fixed that flaw with a proper iTunes guide application.

I don’t have a test iPhone to give the app a spin, but it appears to offer pretty much what you’d expect and want: a full channel guide and the ability to set reminders and remote record options for the iQ. If you test it, give us the good oil in the comments. Foxtel Guide is a free download for iPhone owners. Thanks Grant!

Foxtel Guide iPhone [iTunes link]


  • I’ve been using it for a couple of days now and I’m finding it much easier and more intuitive than the web guide. If I can find one fault it’s that users with more than one IQ box can’t choose which box to remote record to.

    The app features all the genres and channel logos to make browsing fast and you can even search to find a program you’re after to record.

    You can also easily mark channels as favourites and have immediate access to the favourites list via a button at the bottom of the program. This is a real gem because you can mark just the channels ons your package and avoid all hose you don’t get.

    A very good first iteration of the app. If only the iPhone could be used as a remote control for the IQ box via this app I’d be in heaven.

    Oh, there are reports that foxtel are sending your usage data to Pinch Media for marketing purposes. Bear that in mind if that sort of thing bothers you

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