Follow The "Lost" Rule Of Organisation To Save Time, Reduce Stress

Organisation is a means to an end, not an Olympic sport. Obeying an often ignored rule of organisation will save you time and unnecessary stress.

Simplicity-centred blog Small Notebook offers a gentle reminder that it's fine do do something just good enough, instead of absolutely excellent, especially when it comes to organising. They share the example of organising their kitchen drawer. After purging the junk from the drawer they simply left it as is:

I could have found drawer dividers to separate the baking utensils from the other gadgets. There is definitely satisfaction in seeing things arranged nicely. I could have bought trays to line up everything neatly in rows, but I didn't want to buy more stuff to hold my stuff. It's just one drawer and it's not out in the open.

Is my goal to have it look perfect like in a magazine, or is my goal to be able to find something quickly when I'm cooking? The way it is now, I can find what I need in two seconds. That's good enough.

If you think you could use a bit more of this reasonable approach to getting things done in more than just home organisation, make sure to check out how to get things done by recognising good enough.

What constitutes "good enough" for you? What tips and tricks to you use to help get to "good enough" quicker? Let's hear about it in the comments.

The Lost Rule of Organizing [via Simple Productivity Blog]


    Just a small thing, your 'via' link to Simple Productivity is broken. Thanks for all the good work. I check this site at least a half dozen times a day.

    When organising music in iTunes good enough for me consists of ensuring the tracks have a name, an artist and an album but that's it. My goal is to be able to know the basic info about a song so I can find it again later when I want to. I can't be stuffed with album art, genre, year etc... that stuff is overkill.

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