Focus On The Action To Avoid Headaches During 3D Movies

Quite a few people will be taking in 3D movies this holiday season, and quite a few of them will leave the theatre with headaches. Avoid getting a 3D-movie-induced headache with this simple trick.

Movie-centric site Shadow Locked put together a simple guide to avoid getting a headache when you go see a 3D movie. First, you have to understand why many people get the headache in the first place. In traditional 2D cinema, the out of focus areas of a scene often have interesting details and information in them that we've been conditioned to look at —the spooky shadow in the background, the action occurring behind the hero, and so on. When elements of the picture appear 3D to us however, our brain gets confused when we try to look at the background details and the background fails to come into focus.

The trick to avoiding the headache? Ignore your experience with 2D movies and stay riveted to the in-focus action. When watching a 3D movie, whatever is right in front of you and in-focus is what you want to be paying attention to — focusing on the background details for too long will trigger headaches and disorientation.

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How to avoid getting a 3D headache while watching Avatar [Shadow Locked via Gizmodo]


    "When watching a 3D movie, whatever is right in front of you and in-focus is what you want to be paying attention to—focusing on the background details for TOO trigger headaches and disorientation." - missing word

      It's not just 3D that ruins concentration, it seems. Fixed now.

    The thing that leads to headaches is trying to make sense of the story. in most 3D movies, you'll be much better off if you ignore any pretense of a plot and just look at the visuals as they want you to.

    Does your position in the cinema affect the 3D experience? When seeing avatar we had seats in the first couple of rows so we were looking up as well as quite close to the screen.
    Would the 3D effect have been worse for us then the people in the middle of the cinema looking dead-on at the screen?

      I was in the second row from the back. If I had known better, I would have sat closer to the front so that the screen took up my vision completely. When Hoyts advertises IMAX, it's referring to the film format - it doesn't mean it's as physically big as the IMAX theatre in Darling Harbour.

      I would definitely recommend sitting closer to the front than to the back. That way, you also avoid the troublesome back row people.

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