Five Best Startup Management Tools

Five Best Startup Management Tools

You boot up your computer and you wait, and wait… and wait, as all sorts of programs, helper apps, widgets and remnants of forgotten installations load. Grab one of these five popular startup managers and beat back the startup clutter.

Autoruns (Free)

Startup Delayer (Free)

MSConfig (Free)

Startup Control Panel (Free)

CCleaner (Free)

Can’t believe your favourite tool didn’t make it? Have a tip or trick for tweaking your startup routine? Let’s hear about it in the comments.


  • I use the startup manager feature in Glary Utilities. It has a clever feature where it shows you a rating of how necessary or unnecessary an app is to run at startup. The rating is based on user feedback and you can click on a link to go straight to a list of user comments on what the app is and what it does. It saves you googling to find out what exactly all those strangely named processes actually do.

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