Download Status Gives More Useful Information In Firefox Status Bar

Firefox: Being told you have a download remaining isn't the most useful bit of information in the world. Download Status expands on the simplistic download meter in the Firefox status bar to give you more information.

Download Status replaces the basic "X downloads remaining" text with—as seen in the screen shot above—detailed information like the average download speed, remaining size, the number of files, and how much time is left before the total downloads are completed.

In addition to the information presented the small hard drive icon in the centre of the download data can be clicked for easy access to your download queue if you want an even closer item-by-item inspection.

Download Status is free and works wherever Firefox does. Have a favourite Firefox extension you can't live without? Let's hear about it in the comments.

Download Status [Mozilla]


    Download status bar does the same thing except in a more compact and easily accessible form

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