Does Chrome OS Need Security Software?

Does Chrome OS Need Security Software?

Google Chrome OS is only just at the point where people can start playing around with it, but security vendors are already planning to introduce tools to help protect the platform when it becomes mainstream.

In a media presentation last week in Sydney, Symantec CEO Enrique Salem said that in 2010 we can “expect to see Symantec technologies on Chrome and Android OS”.

One of the big selling points for Chrome OS is that its browser-based model and limited ability to change other settings should make it inherently more secure than other platforms, meaning it would be hard to install security tools and they might not be needed anyway. In any event, it’s no surprise that the head of a security software vendor wants to flog more software.

On the other hand, if Google makes good on its promise to embrace HTML5, then even browser-based systems will have a lot more data interaction — and data interaction plus ill-informed users often equals security problems. Software can’t protect against determined stupidity, but it can at least eliminate the worst cases.

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