Dodo Still Drawing Huge Volumes Of Complaints

Dodo Still Drawing Huge Volumes Of Complaints
DodoThe latest issue of the TIO’s statistics on who gets complained about the most show that we’re more than willing to fight the good fight if we don’t get the telecommunications service we want. They also demonstrate that Dodo doesn’t seem to be getting any better.

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The 10 most complained about providers in the country are, according to the figures (and with different divisions of the same company combined, something the TIO doesn’t do in its own chart):

  1. Telstra (combined) (73,575 complaints)
  2. Optus (combined) (20,182 complaints)
  3. Vodafone (combined) (16,994 complaints)
  4. AAPT (4,355 complaints)
  5. Virgin Mobile (3,633 complaints)
  6. Soul (2,647 complaints)
  7. Dodo (2,578 complaints)
  8. TPG (2,485 complaints)
  9. Primus (1,916 complaints)
  10. Gotalk (1,082 complaints)

As ever, it’s no surprise that Telstra, Optus and Vodafone get the most complaints — they’re the three largest providers. What sticks out, as ever, is the appearance of Dodo, whose volume of complaints seems out of all proportion to its market presence. Dodo has also gotten into trouble for inappropriate telemarketing in the past.

What issues bug you most at your ISP? Get it off your chest in the comments.

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  • This information would be much more useful if it was presented as complaints per 100 (or so) customers, then you’d get a really good idea of which service was getting an unusual amount of complaints.

  • I was a Dodo customer for several years (recently went wireless with Optus) and found the service to be very reliable and the best value around…I had a couple of billing issues which were sorted out when I called them. It’s not all bad (well, it wasn’t for me, anyway).

  • I have to wonder if the level of TPG complaints would drop if they ditched their appallingly bad out-sourced help desk of doom and brought it back in-house.

    The idiots handling first level complaints are dragging TPG through the dirt with their incompetence and lack of skill.

  • The issue with Customer Service, is you are not guaranteed that going to a small company, or a big company, if the person behind the phones just doesn’t want to work there, its going to show in attitude and customer complain calls.

  • I have been with Dodo since 23 Dec 2008 for my phone line and Wireless Broadband. Prior to my renewal date in Dec 2010, I requested a new silent phone number and to change to ADSL2. They changed my phone number without letting me know, 2 1/2 weeks later I rang a Technician to find out while I wasn’t receiving incoming calls and was told then that I had a new phone number! The same day I told them that I had received my ADSL2 modem that day and was told that someone would ring me within the next week to help me set it up. It’s now 3 1/2 weeks later and no-one has bothered to ring me! I’m now changing to another ISP. Do not do business with Dodo.

  • bad service some times droping out for hours wen others in same area get good service that very hard to contacted i have to ring them on phone which i pay them to use .i have adsl and mobile plus i entered in to 3 year contract fot budy box which all so drops out .it cost me more to cancil than it dose to keep and not use so that is what i do budy box is turned off and i still also they keep ringing me to try to get me tied up in more contracts i not happy with them wen my adsl contract exspires i will go elswere

  • all so wen i use up my fast service often i canot top up for days due to them only being able to handle one transaction a week.they want me to get credit card to fix problen no i not use credit card

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