DIY Laptop Tray Keeps Your Computer Cool, Legs Burn-Free

Many of us prop laptops on blankets or pillows to avoid the heat, but these inevitably obstruct air circulation and cause overheating. This DIY stand made from a serving tray and a bit of wood helps keep your computer — and legs — cool.

This step-by-step guide from DIY web site Instructables is far from difficult — all it requires is a few household tools, along with some thin pieces of wood and, of course, a stylish bistro tray. Plus, not only can you use the extra space to store flash drives, power cords or other miscellaneous computer items below the laptop, but you can also still use the tray to carry drinks and such when it's not holding your laptop — and where once the tray was stylish but prone to spillage, it is now a spill-free multitasker.

We had a tough time finding the exact tray used in the post (there's this one for those of you in the UK, but IKEA has similar trays that could work. If you find something closer, feel free to share in the comments.

Everybody Else Is Making A Laptop Stand, So Why Can't I? [Instructables]


    I just use a beanbag lap tray. That is a tray with a beanbag attached to the underside. Perfect for doing most things which involve a lap!

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