Dell Running Competition To Design Notebook Cases

DellCompI'm not going to lie — I've always thought notebooks with customised covers look slightly pretentious and/or creepy. But if you do fancy having your own artwork emblazoned on your PC, then a contest Dell is currently running might be of interest.

The Make It Yours competition offers up a Dell Studio notebook and $5,000 in cold, hard cash as the prize. As seems de rigeur these days, the winner is being decided by public vote, so get your entry in well ahead of the January 20 date so you can start hassling friends, relatives and social networking acquaintances to vote for you. (Note to Senator Conroy: nudity and "sexually suggestive imagery" are out, so you probably don't need to block this one, OK?)

Make It Yours


    Terms and Conditions Item 13: "All entries (including Your Design) become the property of the Promoter. By taking part in the Competition, you irrevocably assign all rights, title and interest in your entry (including Your Design) to the Promoter and waive any moral rights in relation to the same."

    So basically, you lose all rights to your design if you don't win, and they can happily slap it on a notebook without your permission or without having to compensate you for it, at any time.

    Think carefully before participating.

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