Coffee Temporarily Assigns Primary, Secondary Apps For Files

Windows: Want to open certain files with the portable apps on your thumb drive when it's plugged in, but revert to default when it's not? Wish you could have a "secondary" app for particular documents? Coffee makes those options possible.

Coffee is a very small portable app that itself can run from a thumb drive. When it's running, you can assign any app on your thumb drive (or elsewhere on your system) to any file you double-click, and Coffee will ask you to do so. Hold down Alt and double-click a file, and you'll assign a "secondary" application to that document type. In other words, you can set up your standard Windows image viewer to open up JPG files when you double-click, but have Photoshop open them when you hold down Alt and double-click.

There's a lot more to the app then that, if you want to dig into its settings and menus. But at its heart, it's a really handy program for both desktop users that often split documents between two apps, and portable app users who plug into a lot of different computers.

Coffee is a very handy addition to any portable app suite, and it's made by the makers of one of our readers' five favourite suites. It's a free download for Windows systems only.

Coffee [Lupo Pen Suite via]


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