Checkmein Promises Advance Check-In For Any Flight

CheckmeinWant to make sure you get the seating of your choice on that long-planned holiday? Web site Checkmein offers advanced check-in services for a $3 fee.

The idea is that you provide the service with your flight details, and they ensure you're assigned seats in advance (an option that may also come up if you use a travel agent). The service also promises to match you up with people in a similar line of business or help you find someone to share a taxi with at the other end, but presumably that only works if a lot of people try it out.

To be honest, this strikes me as a pretty weird thing to do: many airlines offer online check-in anyway at no charge, airlines never guarantee seat assignments anyway, and if you've got luggage you'll still be queuing at the airport to drop it off. If you give it a go, tell us how it works out in the comments.



    This product has been poorly thought about and has been done before. I doubt this venture will get off the ground (excuse the pun). Checkmeout man, this is old news.

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