Bodega Is A One-Stop Shop For New Apps For Your Mac

Bodega Is A One-Stop Shop For New Apps For Your Mac

Mac only: Trying out new software is fun. Digging around all over the internet to find cool stuff — not so much. Bodega is a download that does makes quick work of finding new apps for your Mac.

(Click the image above for a closer look.)

Bodega is a free download populated with links to and information on loads of software for Mac OS X. The catalogue sorts apps into categories like finance, games and productivity (our favourite) and displays them on a digital shelf that aims to mimic a real-life shopping experience. See something you like? Click it and a page opens with everything you need to know about the app, including user reviews and links to where it’s been mentioned in the press.

Throughout the catalogue, you’ll find a great mix of paid, free, and open source apps, and its creators say they’re adding more software all the time. Featured sections include New Releases and Shopkeeper’s Picks, plus there’s an an entire section dedicated to software that doesn’t cost a penny (which we like best).

If you do decide to buy an app, Bodega connects you directly with the developer and even offers to save your receipts and serial numbers for you. If you like the desktop version of Bodega, then you may want to snag the iPhone app, too.

Does the idea of flipping through an online catalogue of software sound like a good way to learn about Mac apps, or is hunting down new stuff on the internet (or getting recommendations from your favourite blog) part of the fun. Let us know in the comments.



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