Bing Promises Some Proper Aussie Localisation Next Year

BingDecemberOne of the more longlasting criticisms of Bing, Microsoft's wannabe Google rival, is the lack of localisation on actual useful features, as opposed to just offering pretty background images. There hasn't been much action on the front so far, but allegedly things will improve in 2010.

The mobile version of Bing lacks much Aussie relevance, and the shopping comparison options offered in the US haven't appeared here. In an interview with the Australian Financial Review (which remains, as ever, stuck behind a paywall), local nineMSN chief Joe Pollard promises that 2010 will see some more specific content for Australians, including better map services, shopping features and an airfares comparison site.

Bing isn't alone in this kind of thing, of course; Google also sometimes drags its feet on offering local options (and some, like Google Voice, we'll probably never get). On the other hand, it isn't trying to knock out a Goliath-sized competitor.

What features would you like to see Bing add? Tell all in the comments.


    I "binged" etax a few months back, first hit was some dodgy accountant phishing. That will be the first and last time I ever use Bing.

    All Bing has to do is to avoid making Google's mistakes like linking Australian map search results to locations in the USA.

    Bing results are rubbish.. like really bad.. as much as I had hoped there was a competitor, Bing really is just Live Search re-branded. The tech aint no better

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