Autocomplete Extension Makes Chrome Save Nearly Any Password

Chrome: Some websites, like personal banking portals, rightfully ask your browser not to remember your password. Others are just weirdly against convenience. The Autocomplete = On extension for Google Chrome forces sites to let you make the auto-password call.

If you'd rather not have to hit the button and manually prompt your browser to let you go ahead and save your flipping Flickr password, or discretely remember actually secure sites, Autocomplete = On is a nice little install-and-forget solution for Chrome.

The major concern should be Chrome's lack of a Master Password feature. Anyone with access to Chrome would have access to your auto-password sites, so consider implementing other measures, like stronger system user passwords and encrypted browser data, before getting too familiar with keeping everything inside Chrome.

Autocomplete = On is a free download, and works in Google Chrome builds that accept extensions (Dev version on Windows, beta on Linux).

Autocomplete = on [Google Chrome Extensions via Tombuntu]


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