Australia Getting Closer To Decent Internet TV Catch-Up

Australia Getting Closer To Decent Internet TV Catch-Up
SevenCatchupBannerOK, we’re not going to get a Hulu clone for a while, but Seven’s announcement of plans to expand the range of content you can watch on its site means we’re getting a lot closer to being able to watch a reasonable selection of programs online.

Right now, Seven’s video page on Yahoo!7 features a bunch of clips and just a handful of shows you can actually watch in full. In January, however, it plans to ramp up the amount of ‘catch-up’ content available on its site to include a lot more programs. (It’s also going to start inserting more mid-show advertising, but as we’ve pointed out before, this stuff doesn’t pay for itself.

Seven’s plans echo other tentative developments in this space, such as Foxtel Downloads and Nine’s plans to stream more US shows. In this respect, the commercial networks are lagging behind the ABC’s iView, which offers both access from non-PC devices and plenty of deals with ISPs so your monthly download allowances don’t take a hit. Getting that to happen with commercial networks is, sadly, a lot less likely because of the byzantine negotiation processes involved with the sector.

Still, browser-based catch-up is still a useful solution, especially for the non-technically adept. This might not be the whole solution to how to fund Channel BT, but any move in this direction is welcome.

Seven launches new catch-up TV destination on Yahoo!7 [Mumbrella]


  • Your right it wont completely solve the channel BT issue, but it will help those that miss the episode.

    Hopefully some smart cookie will find a way to aggregate all channels’ online broadcasts.

    Once they do that they next step is really in content owners hands to eliminate the other main reason for downloaders, and that’s the long delay in airing episodes. Of course that will also mean eliminating non-ratings periods otherwise we would be out of sync (As the networks wouldn’t want to air expensive shows when ratings don’t count).

  • hell i would watch real aired tv alot more if the channels kept to their advertised times, actually kept the show running for the full season in a row without interruption and not cancel so quickly after a few weeks because of ratings. (im look at you right now channel 10,… SGU)

    People started migrating to online methods because tv sucks!

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