ACCC Rejects Australia Post Price Rise

Back in August, the ACCC asked for the public's views on Australia Post's plans for a price rise that would see basic stamps go up to 60 cents. While many readers thought that was fair enough, the ACCC has taken a different view, rejecting the proposed increase on the grounds that Australia Post hasn't sufficiently justified it. Hit the link for the full explanation. [ACCC]


    not everyday that you see the chairmans mobile phone number at the end of press release. kudos for being so transparent accc

    Sounds like a fair decision to me.
    Australia Post doesn't deserve the extra cash when they can't even deliver our mail properly.
    Once every week, whoever takes the shift on that particular day continuously puts the letters in the box in the wrong order (since I live in a block of units), meaning the first unit gets the last units mail and so forth.
    Why are we so concerned about letter theft, when the letters never even make it to our postboxes? Australia Post legally has an obligation to deliver the mail, and legally, the "deliver the mail" is defined as dropping it into the box, after that, it's our responsibility. But when they don't even fulfill their responsibilities by incorrectly delivering it, there's a serious problem, and AP doesn't deserve our extra 5 cents per mail.
    Furthermore, I'm angry about package deliveries. Hardly any of the postal officers these days bother to actually get out of their van and knock on the door. They ALWAYS write out the Undeliverable cards, stop at the letterbox, and leave.

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