ABC3 Hits Today, Nine Trying Harder

ABC3 Hits Today, Nine Trying Harder
ABC3It’s a busy day on the digital TV front. The ABC launches its new ABC3 service at 6pm, while Channel Nine is talking about launching a proper catch-up service and additional digital channels.

ABC3 is aimed at 6-15 year olds, so it might not be on your viewing radar, but it serves as yet another reminder that the public broadcaster is well ahead of the commercial networks when it comes to all things digital (iView being the most obvious and successful example). Sure, you could argue that the ABC was playing under different rules when it came to multi-channelling and was allowed to get started earlier, but the commercial networks certainly dragged their feet once it was allowed in January. To recap: Ten launched ONE in March, Nine launched GO! in August, and Seven only got to 7Two in November.

That might be changing, though. TV Tonight reports that Nine wants to roll out a second digital channel next year, after the success of GO!. Nine is also said to be working on catch-up deals for the US output it buys from Warner Brothers, though no final deals appear to be in place.

Nine confirms Cops LAC drama [TV Tonight]


  • Catch-up deals from Nine?! What for?!

    To catch up with CSI, CSI Miami, CSI New York, 20 to 1 with Bert, Australia Funniest Home Video, Domestic Bliss……

    It’s no wonder why there are less and less people watching TV.

  • More kids TV!! Really? Is it absolutely necessary when ABC2 is nothing but kids shows all day, not to mention 10 and GO! have kids cartoons in the morning.

    And we wonder why there is an obesity crisis.

    • Kids will watch TV regardless, so would you rather your kids or anyone else’s kids watch Dr Phil or Oprah talking about cheaters and sex addicts, or the news which is filled with doom and gloom, or would you rather children have a happy carefree childhood with programs aimed at them? The ABC have mostly educational shows for kids, ABC3 won’t be too much different, so while you clean the dirty clothes or dishes your child will have something to occupy them selves instead of having adult content thrown at them. Don’t be so naïve to think kids can go and play outside all the time, do you have the time to constantly watch them in case they get hurt or worse still someone tries to give them drugs or lure them to their car? Fear mongering? Sure, but so is the cry about obesity in children being caused by TV, it’s the parents that buy kids junk food that make kids fat.

  • Holy Crap! Whinge, whinge, bloody whinge people! The digital channels may not have had the greatest start but that’s to be expected to begin with. I think it’s good to see that some channels are being dedicated to certain genres and age groups and believe the eventually the teething problems will give way to a wider selection of programs. At the end of the day though…don’t like it, don’t watch it.

    • That’s a bit of a defeatist attitude there… Why is poor quality programming “to be expected”… ? These stations have had a LONG time to organise things. Choosing to put out rubbish should not be dismissed as “teething problems”.

      But like you, I also don’t watch any of it.
      Have not had a mind-control box in my house for a few years now. Not missing it at all. 🙂

  • Why does Nine need a catch-up deal with WB? I thought Nine paid half a billion dollars to do whatever the hell they want with WB content for the next 5 years.

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