ABC iView Downloader Does Just What It Says

ABCiViewDownloadListWant to catch a program from iView but don't have a reliable enough connection to stream it? Use the ABC iView Downloader to pull the show down to watch at your leisure.

ABC iView Downloader isn't a single program — it's a series of scripts and software put together by enthusiasts at Whirlpool to make the download files from the ABC accessible. (The screenshot shows the basic batch file version running under Windows.) The system essentially uses the same access method as the ABC's own iView player, so if your ISP doesn't meter iView, you won't incur any additional charges.

As with any backdoor method, the software is likely to break whenever iView updates, but for the main platforms, that seems to get fixed pretty quickly. You may also need to play with your anti-virus settings to allow the RTMPDUMP software used by the system to work.

ABC iView Downloader is a free download for Windows, Mac, Linux, and even the Amiga. Thanks Stephen!

ABC iView Downloader [Whirlpool]


    Does anyone know whether the downloader downloads through a Free zone portal or just through a normal server.

    Whirlpool seem to have removed all references to iView Downloader.

    Try iViewNapper instead:

    how do you download this downloader

    Getflv seem to help download videos from ABC iView - ABC Australia. Here is the link:
    Have a try!~

    I highly recommend Allavsoft which works great in batch downloading videos from ABC iView, SBS on demands, tenplay etc on Mac and Windows

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