90,000 People Already Using iView Via PS3

90,000 People Already Using iView Via PS3

We already knew that iView was pretty popular. Now it looks like the option to view it via the PS3 is making it even more popular.

According to the ABC, in the first full week of operation, there were 89,000 visits to the service. The total number of visitors to iView in that week was 318,000, so it looks like Sony’s console already accounts for more than a quarter of visitors. Not bad going for an option that’s still only in its first iteration, though improvements are promised.


  • I have been on three or four times since launch on ps3!

    Nigella cooking show, hungry beast and the movie review show with David and Margret.

    Whipped it out to show the wife a recipe that I wanted (her) to cook.

    I ma impressed with it all, minor bug about the whole scrolling thing. The search function is rather basic, but usable.

    Quality of picture good too (50″ plasma), nothing else that fuses me.

  • yeah visits isn’t visitors.

    visits is individual sessions.

    visitors is unique visitors.

    wrong title for this article!

    you need to know the average visits per visitor or actual unique visitors per time period to determine number of unique people.

  • It’s sort of like having a Tivo built into the PS3. Limited to the ABC obviously. Excellent though, I’ve used it half a dozen times already. And somehow I’m glad the quality isn’t perfect, it allows us to actually watch the program uninterrupted given our sporadic internet speeds here in Aus.

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