7Two Hits East Coast Prime Stations Today

Seven's late arrival to multi-channelling last month came with the usual sting in the tail: viewers in regional areas (which in this context often includes all of Western Australia) couldn't get it. For some of the many Australians who think of 'Prime' rather than 'Seven', that should change today.

TV Tonight reports that as of 9am today, 7Two will be available on channel 62 to viewers in regional NSW, ACT, Victoria and the Gold Coast. Tasmania got the channel three weeks ago. Sadly, regional viewers in WA and SA still don't have the option.

7TWO to launch on Prime [TV Tonight]



    All these extra channels with no extra descent content.

    How many re-runs of Seinfeld or The Flintstones can we handle?

    Ill go back to channel BT.

      But even so, there's only so much you can download from channel BT.

    Thankfully, 72 has been available in Perth, WA, since launch.

    Yes, we do have 7TWO and boy have Prime made us aware of the their name and the channel name!


    I would advise people to ring Prime tomorrow to get this off!

    02 6242 3700 - ask for complaints, don't mention 7TWO until your on complaints. The receptionist was rude and told me that they don't have 7TWO!!!

    Yep its been here in perth since launch

    What a disappointment.... Says its 7TWO (channel 62) but all it shows is PRIME (channel 06). So what's in a name? When will 7TWO actually be broadcast?

      Rescan your TV or STB, then it will work.

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