$20 iTunes Cards For $10 At Big W

It's a tasty but brief deal: on Saturday 12 and Sunday 13 December, Big W is selling $20 iTunes cards for $10. There's a limit of five per customer, but that's still some useful Christmas card inserts for distant relatives and friends. [Big W via OzBargain]


    Does anyone actually buy iTunes cards? What the hell?

      Lots of people do. For starters, teenagers don't have credit cards, and I know several adults who won't use theirs on iTunes after security problems with their credit cards.

      If you use iTunes to buy music or iPhone apps, why would you *not* want your purchases to be half price?

      It's cheaper to use iTunes cards than straight credit card association. In this case: 50% cheaper.

        Haha! It's hilarious that, so far, not even one person jumped in to comment, "I buy iTunes cards all the time".

        BTW, I appreciate the article; anytime something becomes half-price, it's awesome to spread the word.

    Just a heads up to everyone, I visited Big W at Chullora in Sydney, NSW today. After standing around and watching the clerk, the section manager and the store manager fiddle with the computer for almost an hour, it turns out the sheer number of iTunes cards purchases has brought down the docket printing system across all of the Big Ws in Sydney.

    The $20 I would have saved probably wasn't worth the time I spent.

    I left my name and details (in a tattered black book), and was told the offer would be honoured and I would be called back when everything goes back up. I'm not really holding my breath.

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